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Film title: Nightlife
Language: English
Plot: Forget about capes, they dress just like us. They watch a lot of bad TV. They're more concerned with paying the rent on time than they are with crossing Van Helsing. However, everyone has enemies, and our subjects are no exception. Enter the vampire hunters; comic book loving geeks who have made it their mission to vanquish these demons of the night with signature homemade weapons. When these two sides come fang to face things get pretty ugly, but for all concerned parties it's just another day in the everlasting battle between good and evil.

Nightlife  Series
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Nightlife Cast & Crew

Jesi Kinnevan
as Drunk Girl
Adam Langley
as Thomas
Korey Simeone
as Harpo
Jason Small
as Ricky
Gary Teague
as Store Customer