Watch Nixon Online

Watch Nixon Online
Film title: Nixon
Rotten Tomatoes: 72%
Language: English
Plot: The Watergate scandal toppled the world's most powerful man: United States president Richard Nixon (Anthony Hopkins). Director Oliver Stone re-creates the turbulent days of the early 1970s as a shadowy epic of lies and intrigue.

Nixon Cast & Crew

Anthony Hopkins
as Richard M. Nixon
Joan Allen
as Pat Nixon
Powers Boothe
as Alexander Haig
Ed Harris
as E. Howard Hunt
Bob Hoskins
as J. Edgar Hoover
E.G. Marshall
as John Mitchell
David Paymer
as Ron Ziegler
David Hyde Pierce
as John Dean
Paul Sorvino
as Henry Kissinger
Mary Steenburgen
as Hannah Nixon
J.T. Walsh
as John Ehrlichman
James Woods
as H.R. Haldeman
Brian Bedford
as Clyde Tolson
Kevin Dunn
as Charles Colson
Fyvush Finkel
as Murray Chotiner