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Film title: North and South
Language: English
Plot: Two friends, one northern and one southern, struggle to maintain their friendship as events build towards the American Civil War.

North and South Series
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North and South Cast & Crew

Kirstie Alley
as Virgilia Hazard
David Carradine
as Justin LaMotte
Philip Casnoff
as Elkanah Bent
Lesley-Anne Down
as Madeline Fabray LaMotte
Terri Garber
as Ashton Main Huntoon
Wendy Kilbourne
as Constance Flynn Hazard
Jim Metzler
as James Huntoon
James Read
as George Hazard
Lewis Smith
as Charles Main
John Stockwell
as Billy Hazard
Patrick Swayze
as Orry Main
Johnny Cash
as John Brown
Morgan Fairchild
as Burdetta Halloran
Robert Guillaume
as Frederick Douglass
Hal Holbrook
as Abraham Lincoln
Gene Kelly
as Sen. Charles Edwards
Robert Mitchum
as Patrick Flynn
Jean Simmons
as Clarissa Main
David Ogden Stiers
as Congressman Sam Greene
Inga Swenson
as Maude Hazard
John Anderson
as William Hazard
Lee Bergere
as Nicholas Fabray
Jonathan Frakes
as Stanley Hazard
Wendy Fulton
as Isabel Truscott Hazard
Mitch Ryan
as Tillet Main
Forest Whitaker
as Cuffey
William Ostrander
as Forbes LaMotte
Tony Frank
as Salem Jones
Nikki Creswell
as Young Brett Main
Chris Douridas
as George McClellan
Temi Epstein
as Young Ashton Main
William Preston Daly
as Tom 'Stonewall' Jackson
Cody W. Hampton
as George Pickett
Tuck Milligan
as Smith Dawkins
Andy Stahl
as Cadet Ned Fisk