Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work Series
Genre: Comedy
Premiere: 2012
Network: Trutv
IMDB Rating: 7/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 3
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Full Show Summary

"Not Safe For Work" follows a lively production team as they put together a weekly clip show made up of some of the most outrageous and hilarious 'caught on tape' videos ever seen. In this show, the only thing funnier than the clips are the people who find them. In an effort to meet their weekly air date deadline, the show's smart-ass production staff will go to any length to hit their quota of usable clips. Each week's countdown includes some of the most unbelievable videos ever - from stunts gone wrong to dumb crime failures and countless embarrassing moments. N ever predictable and always irreverent, "Not Safe For Work" will always keep viewers guessing what's coming next. (Source: truTV) more less
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Date Aired Not Safe For Work Episodes
Season 1
19 April 2012 Season 1, Episode 1: Donkey Love
26 April 2012 Season 1, Episode 2: The Greatest Clip of All Time
Season 1, Episode 3: TBA