Notorious Hauntings

Notorious Hauntings Series
Genre: Drama
Premiere: 2013
Network: Syfy
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 4
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"Notorious Hauntings" features a globetrotting group of researchers who investigate reports of extreme and dangerous supernatural activity around the world. In each of the six self-contained episodes, viewers will follow the investigators as they research the otherworldly activity at each site and explore the gruesome history of the infamous and heinous individuals. The team will stop at nothing as they dig deep into their crimes and victims to determine if they are the cause of the present-day haunting. Through the gathering of evidence and the uncovering of litt le-known history, "Notorious Hauntings" will explore some of the world's most enduring mysteries, including the case of Jack the Ripper in London, Dracula-inspiration Vlad the Impaler in Romania and the bloodthirsty Borgias in Italy. "Notorious Hauntings" is produced by Pilgrim Studios with Craig Piligian and Mike Nichols serving as executive producers. more less
Notorious Hauntings S01E04
Last Episode, 17 December 2013: Season 1, Episode 4: The Hellfire Club
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Date Aired Notorious Hauntings Episodes
Season 1
04 December 2013 Season 1, Episode 1: Jack The Ripper
10 December 2013 Season 1, Episode 2: Vlad The Impaler: Dracula
11 December 2013 Season 1, Episode 3: Lucrezia Borgia
17 December 2013 Season 1, Episode 4: The Hellfire Club