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Film title: Now Here
Language: English
Plot: What appears to be a random meeting of three diverse people, turns out to be their awakening into consciousness; their radical shift of perception of the world, and their important role in it.

Now Here Series
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Now Here Cast & Crew

Sean Lawlor
as Durant
Electra Avellan
as Rena Lopez
Wolfgang Bodison
as Abdul Sallaam
Declan Joyce
as Jerzy Polanski
Mickey Rooney
as Swifty
Michael Madsen
as Leblanc
Seymour Cassel
as Commissioner
Alex Rocco
as Mr. Martin
James Duval
as Luis Ortiz
Keith David
as Detective Brinkman
Joshua Alba
as Mr. Malibu
Gilbert Aguilera
as John In The Car
Aisha Alese
as Corrina Butts
Michael Cardamone
as Newscaster #2
Paula Christensen
as Esmerelda