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Film title: Nowhere Land
Language: English, Italian
Plot: Dean and Willie are infiltrators in the crew of mafia boss Luke Santelli. But Willie is exposed and Dean sees how Willie is whacked by Santelli himself. Santelli gets convicted, but appeals. Dean is put into the witness protection program and is relocated to a remote cabin in the Sierras. Only accompanied by chickens, he gets bored quickly and wants out. FBI agent Hank calls in a personal favor from his friend Monica to keep Dean company in the cabin. While both seem to like each other more and more, Santelli's friends try to find out Dean's hiding sp

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Nowhere Land Cast & Crew

Peter Dobson
as Dean
Dina Meyer
as Monica
Jon Polito
as Frank
Francesco Quinn
as Walfredo
Martin Kove
as Hank
Joseph Cortese
as Luke Santelli
Ric Mancini
as Pete
George Russo
as Mario
Michael Petted
as Eddy McCall
Sebastian Hitzig
as Gary Shoop
John Lafayette
as Keith Anderson
Kate Fuglei
as Prosecutor
B.K. Kennelly
as Victor
Donald R. Beck
as Willie