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Film title: Noz
Language: Serbian
Plot: In attempt to find out who he is and where his roots lie, Alija Osmanovic discovers something far deeper and more important. He slowly discovers an evil that follows him as his destiny regardless of what his ancestors were called.Trying to find the reasons for this evil, he finds himself in a vicious circle. Running away from an irrational fear within him, he finds the road to his faith

Noz Series
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Noz Cast & Crew

Zarko Lausevic
as Alija Osmanovic / Ilija Jugovic
Bojana Maljevic
as Milica Jankovic
Aleksandar Bercek
as Halil 'Sikter' Efendija
Ljiljana Blagojevic
as Rabija Osmanovic
Petar Bozovic
as Sabahudin Aga / Atifaga Tanovic
Nikola Kojo
as Milan Vilenjak
Josif Tatic
as Kemal Osmanovic
Dragan Nikolic
as Hodza
Dragan Maksimovic
as Zulfikar
Mira Banjac
as Nana Hikmeta
Marko Bacovic
as Cetnicki vojvoda