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Film title: Number One Fan
Language: English
Plot: Hollywood's biggest action star, Zane Barry, played by Chad McQueen (son of Steve McQueen) is seduced by his gorgeous number one fan, Blair Madsen, played by Renee Griffin. For Blair, it's the beginning of a romance she's dreamed about all her life. But for Zane it's a one-night stand. Afterall, he's about to be married to a gorgeous costumer (Catherine Mary Stewart). As Blair's obsession turns to violence, Zane's life mirrors one of his action movies. Zane must take matters into his own hands in order to overcome the final fury of his NUMBER ONE FAN

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Number One Fan Cast & Crew

Chad McQueen
as Zane Barry
Catherine Mary Stewart
as Holly Newman
Renee Allman
as Blair Madsen
Paul Bartel
as Director
Hoyt Axton
as Lt. Joe Halsey
Dean Norris
as Graham Chandler
Mary Woronov
as Wedding Coordinator
Mark Dalton
as Billy Morgan
Eric DaRe
as Randall McSwain
Suzanne Solari
as Gabrielle
Shay Duffin
as Bartender
J. Allison Foust
as Script Supervisor
Barry Nolan
as Lieutenant / Interrogator
Kelly Dayton
as Tour Guide