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Film title: ODC [Ordinary Decent Criminal]
Language: English
Plot: The city is run by the Consortium, a globally unique grouping of three separate ethnic criminal organizations: the Sicilians, the Muslims and the Irish. Each has a clear division of ranks and powers and the Consortium has run the city without incident for more than five generations. Now the Russian mob have their sights on this place, Soviet ex-patriots from all across the Baltic, and they wield their desire with a violent iron fist. It couldn't be a better or worse time with the Consortium's recent upheaval in light of Cillian Lynch assuming control of the Irish mob from his late father. Making matters more complicated are Cillian's desires to make the East Bay Gang legitimate. Seizing the opportunity the Russian's begin piling bodies turning the Consortium against itself and putting Cillian to the ultimate test: power or family. In a desperate plea Cillian must come to terms with who he is in time to save the one's he loves. In a final reckoning the balance of power is forever changed and no one will get out unscathed.

ODC [Ordinary Decent Criminal] Series
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ODC [Ordinary Decent Criminal] Cast & Crew

David Heacock
as Cillian Lynch
Cody Porter
as Declan Byrne
Neil Chase
as Gary Sorrenson
Andy Northrup
as Dante Benvenutti
Cassidy Civiero
as Danielle Lynch
Daniella Evangelista
as Angelina Lynch
Ryan Burke
as Tommy Doyle
John Aamundson
as Salvatore Mercado
Mustafa Al-Mosawi
as Timur Ivanov
Damian Chao
as Alexi
Jaimie Clements
as Julia Morris
Steve Dhillon
as Michael Rahman
Trent Frostad
as Danny McKay
Christian Garon
as Ilya Demidov