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Film title: Obra maestra
Language: Spanish
Plot: Carolo and Benito are two losers with a loose screw who share their passion for cinema. They've written a script for Benito to direct and Carolo to act, but they also need a leading actress so they approach their muse, Amanda Castro, a famous star whose career is starting to go downhill because of her drug problems and bitter character. She takes them for whackos (which indeed they are a bit) and refuses to listen to them. So then, driven by their determination, the two men kidnap her and take her to a remote house in the woods, where filming will take place, in the hope that her initial hostility will turn to friendship once she gets to know them and their proj

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Obra maestra Cast & Crew

Ariadna Gil
as Amanda Castro
Santiago Segura
as Benito Cañaveras
Pablo Carbonell
as Carolo Suárez Perales
Luis Cuenca
as Damián
Jesús Bonilla
as Veterinario
Joserra Cadiñanos
as Perfecto
Anabel Labrador
as Novia Carolo
Manolo Codeso
as Padre de Benito
Ana María Barbany
as Madre de Benito
Concha Redondo
as Abuela Benito
Alicia Cifredo
as Cuñada Benito
Luis Alegre
as Segurata
Jimmy Barnatán
as Lechero musical
José María Cañete
as Suegro Carolo