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Film title: Oculto
Language: Spanish
Plot: In Madrid, the editor of the magazine Ziber-Arte, Alex Cuevas, is invited by Beatriz Bravo to participate in a conference about interpretation of dreams. After the lecture, the participant Natalia Hidalgo from Barcelona questions the lecturer about the meaning of her dreams with monoliths and symbols, believing that they are premonitions. Natalia is obsessed with her dreams and she tells them to the audience and immediately after, Beatriz faints. Alex feels attracted by the sexy Natalia and she gives her phone to him. Then he gives a ride to Beatriz to her home. Fifteen days later, Beatriz calls Alex asking for Natalia's phone number. Alex promises to give it, but he dates Natalia and forgets to meet Beatriz. However, Natalia asks him to meet Beatriz and she shows a tattoo that she made two years ago in Mexico with the symbols that Angelica mentioned in the lecture. Angelica feels that Beatriz is connected to her and might have the answer to her dreams, and her obsession increases. However, Beatriz goes to a tattoo artist in Madrid and shows that her tattoo is bleeding and he tells her that it is normal in a new tattoo. Beatriz continues with her games, affecting Angelica's obsession and her relationship with Alex.

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Oculto Cast & Crew

Laia Marull
as Beatriz
Angie Cepeda
as Natalia
Joaquín Climent
as Roberto
Gerardo Malla
as Prof. Wissman
William Miller
as Javier
Emma Cohen
as Leonor