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Film title: Off the Record
Language: English
Plot: A top model, Beckie, is on her way to a film location. When she enters the set, she discovers Mark and his team busy shooting a scene with a young model. In theirs early carreers Beckie and Mark were very close. Today, Beckie just returns from five years spent in Japan, and it is for her and Mark their first opportunity to meet again after all these years she spent abroad . Beckie seems full of hope, Marc does not look like being on the same page. It is quiet obvious that she and he have a dispute to settle, especially him. Throughout this day nothing happens as both pictured this reunion. Louisa, the young model, will also be a catalyst for all their moods. Who will win from this experience? Who will have been played by the other ? And for what purpose? This film talks about manipulations and lies. The ones that are told to others and those of whom one dwells. Illusions. Finally, does the end justify the means in this world where everything is only appearance?

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