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Film title: Office Ninja
Language: English
Plot: Meet Tomas, a disenchanted office worker on the verge of a dream promotion. For Tomas and his coworkers-- goofball Raheem, newbie Jessica, king of douchebags Jett, and their incompetent boss Daryl -- each day seems to blend into the next. But a dark change is coming. After finding out that the office jerk Jett has stolen his work as well as his coveted promotion, Tomas swears vengeance and follows the ways of the ninja in his quest to regain his honor and find the evidence that will end Jett's reign of office tyranny. But of course, since he's not an "actual" ninja, his plans for swift justice may not go quite as smoothly as he planned.

Office Ninja Series
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Office Ninja Cast & Crew

Jade Carter
as Tomas
Jose Rosete
as Raheem
Jessica Mills
as Jessica
François Chau
as Kenji
Todd Johnson
as Daryl
Robb Padgett
as Jett
Bin Lee
as Narrator
Lyndsey Doolen
as Employee
John Georgopoulos
as Employee
Rob Gokee
as Employee
Ayumi Iizuka
as Employee
Candis Phlegm
as Employee
Bill Ratner
as Mr. Carlin
Kieran Roberts
as Employee