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Film title: Officer Down
Language: English
Plot: OFFICER DOWN tells the chronicling story of four police officers who suffer from Survivor's Guilt. The main character, Becky Rooks, has battled with a lifetime of personal demons and working as a police officer helps trigger old wounds to resurface. Doing the job has given her a false sense of invincibility, but still it is the one and only area of her life where she feels that she's in control. However Becky experiences a loss of control during a routine traffic stop where she is assaulted and her life is spared because instead of fighting back she decided to play possum. With her sense of security removed she joins an online predator team to help protect those who don't know that they are being hunted. For each life that she helps save, it sends her further down a path of self destructive behavior. Even when she's forced to seek help she can't come to terms with why her attacker didn't pull the trigger that night, as she sees her second chance at life not as a gift but as a burden.

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Officer Down Cast & Crew

Rachel Alig
as Becky Rooks
Laura Rauh
as Susan Woodley
Frederick Lawrence
as DUI Driver
Stefan Prater
as Nathaniel Booker
Ryan McCormick
as John Sanders
Michelle Tomlinson
as Jacki Thomas
Joseph Edward Dooley
as Mason Rolley
Jillian Vogley
as Jennifer
Jolene M. Aldus
as Joyce Rodriguez
Murray McDog
as Hobson
Federico Ortiz
as Max Bradley
Deana Ricks
as Woman Driver
Jamie Motley
as Christine Sanders