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Film title: Oil Run
Language: English
Plot: From the windy city to the wild west, Chicago restaurateur Bernie Napolino leads the mob on a wild quest, to the big state of Texas. His partner Tony Scalia, in debt to his eyeballs brings Bernie into his gambling woes when he skims from the mobs money laundering hustle. On the run, they fall into the sights of swindler Newton Hardeman, who hooks them with an oil drilling scheme, however by this time, Newt has landed on the Rail Road Commissions agenda for his subterfuge. To Bernie's surprise, he finds of his lost love under the thumb of an abusive husband; the same Newton Hardeman. Now Bernie must do what he can to save his daughter and loved ones from the dangers of deceit and manipulation.

Oil Run Series
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Oil Run Cast & Crew

Mike Starr
as Sid Columbo
Marshall R. Teague
as Agent Baker
Alcides Dias
as Bernie Napolino
Chris Caldovino
as Dominic DeVito
Kassandra Marron
as Nancy Napolino
Frank Ford
as Tony Scalia