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Film title: One Story
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: Third-generation Mexican teenagers Angie and Josh Navarro from Laguna Beach's upper class estates, are forced to move into their grandparent's house in the barrio. It is there they will decide to accept their uncovered Mexica (aka Aztec) culture and grab on to their lost roots, or continue to reject their culture as their parents have taught them. History shows that with time, an oppressed culture always regrows itself and prevails once more, but is it Angie and Josh's time to grow or are they destined for something more?

One Story Series
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One Story Cast & Crew

Jessie Nickson
as Angie Navarro
Taide Acosta
as Stereotype Girl Gangster #2
Manny Alvarez Jr.
as Joshua Navarro
Martin J. Ayala
as Aztec Man
Susie Ayala
as Aztec Woman
Rachel Castillo
as Stereotype Girl Gangster #3
Alfonso Castro
as Abuelo
Carissa Castro
as Maria
Ray Chavez Jr.
as Stereotype Guy Gangster #1
Kara Connolly
as Paula
Ramon Cordoba
as Jesus
Liliana Curioca
as Aztec Painter
as Cholo #1
Victor El Vuh
as Aztec with Conch
Mace Espinoza
as Jacob