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Film title: Operation Insanity
Language: English
Plot: Jake Bouchard,a shy 17 year old, has finally scored a date with the incredibly wonderful Angie. When Angie gets kidnapped, the truth about Grandpa comes out. In a last ditch effort to rescue Angie, Grandpa re-enlists "The Devil's Scum", his old WW2 unit who band together with Jake to go on one last mission.

Operation Insanity Series
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Operation Insanity Cast & Crew

James Caan
as Grandpa
Jessica Walter
as Maddy Harcourt
Dylan Everett
as Jake Bouchard
Paul Sorvino
as Giovanni
Rob Archer
as Rocky
Kenneth Welsh
as Harry
Michael Crawford
as Scrawny Kid
Jennifer Robertson
as Jake's Mom
Amy Matysio
as Field Reporter
Joanna Douglas
as Monica
Greta Onieogou
as Angie Wagner
Nykeem Provo
as Aspic SFA2
Jesse Bostick
as Wendell