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Film title: Ordinary Man
Language: English
Plot: Tow truck driver Jason Watts is barely making ends meet, so when an opportunity to work "overtime" presents itself, he has no choice but to take it. Not wanting to disappoint his son, Chris, Jason takes him along for a Saturday spent in a tow truck. Chris is an amazing 8 year old that loves superheros. But which is his favorite? Hulk, Iron Man, Super Man, all good, but Chris can find a flaw in each. When his day with Jason turns deadly, Chris finds out exactly who the best superhero is.

Ordinary Man Series
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Ordinary Man Cast & Crew

Ethan Embry
as Jason Watts
Michael Yebba
as Tow Dispatch
Paige Turcotte
as Amber Mathhews
Brian Scannell
as Detective Chambers
Ramiro Torres
as Billy
Damien Di Paola
as Richard Matthews
Amy DePaola
as Kelly Watts
Dana Bradley
as EMT #2
Pat Driscoll
as Detective #2
Natalie Foley
as EMT #4
Jay Giannone
as Eric
Dennis Hogan
as EMT #1
Tim Holland
as EMT #3
Brianne Lee
as Officer #3