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Film title: Osa
Language: English
Plot: In a future society where water is a precious resource, a savage gang murders a young girl's family. She is taken in by a man named Trooper, who teaches her how to fight, kill and survive. When she gets old enough to fend for herself, she sets out in search of the gang that killed her famil

Osa Series
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Osa Cast & Crew

Kelly Lynch
as Osa
Daniel Grimm
as Mr. Big
Phillip Vincent
as Speedway
Etienne Chicot
as Allan
John Forristal
as Crooner
Peter Walker
as Trooper
Clayton Day
as Preacher
Kim Monoco
as Tony
David Hausman
as Weasel
Patricia Quinn
as Lydia
Lydia Leeds
as Kathy
Bill Moseley
as Quilt Face
Stan Wilson
as Michael