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Film title: Osebna prtljaga
Language: Slovenian
Plot: Vid is talented but spoiled young man smothered in his affection to the adoring mother and heedless of his aloof father. His grandfather is benevolent but self-important patriarch and his new girlfriend is a creature of voluptuous innocence wrestling with the torment of a dysfunctional home. These are main characters in a story of strained love and spiraling desire. Characters reveal inexorable issues- baggage that they brought with them. Ultimately this baggage becomes a ruinous burden.

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Osebna prtljaga Cast & Crew

Natasa Barbara Gracner
as Mother Mojca
Branko Zavrsan
as Father Samo
Boris Cavazza
as Grandfather Ignac
Grega Zorc
as Vinko
Spela Rozin
as Lidija
Klemen Slakonja
as Son Vid
Nina Rakovec
as Vid's girlfriend Nina
Jure Henigman
as Friend Grega