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Film title: Osmosis Jones
Rotten Tomatoes: 41%
Language: English
Plot: Gross-out kings Peter and Bobby Farrelly outdo themselves with this addled (and partially animated) tale about an out-of-shape, 40-year-old man (Bill Murray) who's the host to various organisms, tissues and blood cells all trying to do their assigned tasks. Chris Rock provides the voice for Osmosis Jones, a daffy white blood cell who tries to police Murray's body. &NFi;Trippy&NFi_; is not the word for this film!

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Osmosis Jones Cast & Crew

Chris Rock
as Osmosis Jones
William Shatner
as Mayor Phlegmming
Ron Howard
as Tom Colonic
Kid Rock
as Kidney Rock
Kenny Olson
as Kidney Rock
Jason Krause
as Kidney Rock
Joe C.
as Kidney Rock
Stefanie Eulinberg
as Kidney Rock
Jimmie Bones
as Kidney Rock
Uncle Kracker
as Kidney Rock