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Our Fascinating Planet Series
Premiere: 2016
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 8
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From renowned author, educator and television presenter Ted Rimmarniet comes "Our Fascinating Planet", an exciting new educational series that explores our Universe and ourselves - and our place in both of those things. Featuring episodes on Space, Energy, The Brain and The Earth, this staggeringly monumental series contains all of the passion, wonder and curiosity of award-winning programs like “NOVA" but with double or triple the amount of fascinatingness.
Our Fascinating Planet S01E08 The Earth is our friend and our enemy. This episode explores the story of our Earth, early man's journey, and the advancement of humanity. Statistically speaking, man is the most dangerous being on the planet. He reeks havoc on the planet while the Earth fights back with its own "nature". The future is in our hands.
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Date Aired Our Fascinating Planet Episodes
Season 1
Season 1, Episode 1: Space Part 1: Journey to the Heavens
Season 1, Episode 2: Space Part 2: Arrival in the Heavens
Season 1, Episode 3: Energy Part 1: Godsparks
Season 1, Episode 4: Energy Part 2: Light Batter
Season 1, Episode 5: Brain Part 1: Computing Organ
Season 1, Episode 6: Brain Part 2: Large Mind
Season 1, Episode 7: Earth Part 1: Are We Listening?
Season 1, Episode 8: Earth Part 2: Life and Beyond