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Film title: Our Father...
Language: Finnish
Plot: Young sailor Juhani returns to his childhood home, an abandoned farm in the Finnish countryside. He takes his old senile father out of the local nursing home and brings him back to see the farm once more. Haunted by a dark secret since his childhood, Juhani wants to settle accounts with his father and lay to rest the ghosts of the past. But in the desolate village he meets a young woman with a child and finds a possibility for a new life.

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Our Father... Cast & Crew

Hannu Kivioja
as Juhani Haavisto
Martti Katajisto
as Eino Haavisto
Elina Hurme
as Marja Rantanen
Heikki Kujanpää
as Aarne Armas Rantanen
Matti Onnismaa
as Young Eino
Aino Aaltonen
as Aino Rantanen
Antti Mattila
as Young Juhani
Kosti Klemelä
as Old Man
Vieno Saaristo
as School Teacher
Elli Castrén
as Nurse
Aarno Sulkanen
as Vicar
Pertti Husu
as Accordion Player
Sulo Lanu
as Asko