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Birthday: 1942-02-04
Place of Birth: Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Wiki Biography: At 12 years he worked as an apprentice mechanic, starting as an actor at age 20 and with the theater group of Alcoy natal "Casserole." In the mid-60's economic crisis forced him to emigrate to Barcelona, since then his career combining theatrical Companies Adrià Gual, CIFC and Nuria Espert with forays into the music scene. In 1968 he debuted as a professional singer, a facet that will become one of the main representatives of "Nova Cançó 'Catalan. In this sense, both composed their own songs as musical adaptations of Salvador Espriu, Pere Quart or Vicent Andrés. In the film debuted in 1974 and shortly thereafter obtained a great success for his role in "Stealth"

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Héctor, el estigma del miedo Héctor 1984
Fuego eterno Estebanot 1985 History
Teo el pelirrojo Luis 1986 Drama
La veritat oculta Thief 1987
El aire de un crimen Domingo Cuadrado 1988 Drama
Amanece, que no es poco Pascual 1989 Comedy
Un negro con un saxo Director L'Hora 1989 Thriller
El río que nos lleva Cuatrodedos 1989
El acto Hombre historia moneda 1989