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Film title: Oxen
Language: Swedish
Plot: In desperation brought on by near-starvation, Helge Roos kills his master's ox and feeds it to his wife and baby daughter. No-one suspects anything until the meat is finished and Helge tries to sell the hide at a local market. He is spotted by the local vicar and, wracked with guilt, confesses. The vicar assures him that if he gives himself up, he'll be treated leniently, but Helge's sentence is far harsher than anyone p

Oxen Series
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Oxen Cast & Crew

Erland Josephson
as Sigvard Silver
Max von Sydow
as Vicar
Liv Ullmann
as Maria Gustavsson
Björn Granath
as Flyckt
Björn Gustafson
as Officer in command
Lennart Hjulström
as Svenning Gustavsson
Helge Jordal
as Navvy
Agneta Prytz
as Old Woman
Rikard Wolff
as Johannes