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Height: 6' 3" (1.91 m)
Wiki Biography: The actor known as P. David Miller was born and raised in the very mean streets (The Mission) of beautiful and culturally diversified San Francisco. When he was a young teenager he had the idea of moving to Tibet and becoming a Tibetan Monk after many discussions with his first martial arts (Tai Chi Chuan Shaolin Chuan) teacher and mentor. At 16, he discovered acting at The Everyman Theater, a Shakespearean reparatory company, but life 'happened' and the idea of Tibet and acting were dashed. Instead he joined the United States Marine Corps and saw the world in all its glory, its wonders, the occasional horror and all its splendor. He came to Los Angeles/Hollywood in 1998 to pursue a career in Live Action/Physical Special Effects right after serving 16-years in the Marine Corps not knowing anyone in the business. He fell into becoming an actor again along the way after taking a dare from a good friend and listening to friends who were working actors speaking of the craft, the joys and the challenges of being an actor in Hollywood, Chicago and New York. He then started taking acting classes again with the little known but, entirely wonderful acting class called, "The CORE Class" that was taught by F.J. Rio and Scott Albright in October 1999 to explore the creative process in acting. He was still pursuing a career in special effects and doing work in private security as a professional bodyguard, private security and diplomat protection at the same time in order to make ends meet. After three and one-half years of constant training, classes, workshops, weekend intensives, seminars, reading volumes of assorted books pertaining to "The Craft" he started to venture out into the unknown territories of Hollywood with his developed talent, fearless desire, total commitment and devotion to acting. As an actor, he has been in over 145 productions that has encompassed theatre, feature films, independent films, student films, television, commercials, internet, print and voice over since July 2003. He attributes the volume of work to discipline, the love and joys in being an actor, accepting challenging roles, daring to bare his soul, embracing the creative process and finally, not afraid to have fun and playing "make believe" no matter the type of story or who the character is. He still continues his training with Sal Landi at The Pan Andreas Theater in Los Angeles, CA. and with Ms. Amy Lyndon at the Studio City Theatre in Studio City, CA. While he still does special effects (The work history in special effects is also very extensive as Paul D. Miller [Legal name.] and EOD EFx with over 200 projects.) as his some time occupation he is also very capable as a utility stunt performer, fight choreographer, stunt coordinator, 2nd unit director and technical adviser for weapons and military tactics/protocol. He no longer does private security/security contracts/personal protection for obvious reasons. In August 2006, he formed EOD (Excellence On Demand) Films, LLC to produce independent films. With the conception and formation of EOD Films, he hoped to make an impact on the entertainment industry with original, well written, character driven films encompassing all genres while employing talented people above and below the line to make this goal possible. EOD Films collapsed in 2007 after an attempt to produce a film that fell apart at the distribution level. Hard lessons were learned for him as he learned the inner workings of the business of entertainment. In 2009 he joined forces with Jim Duval and Danny Torres of Continuum Pictures. The goal: To make movies that covers the spectrum of film making and are of a quality product. P. David works hand in hand with Jim and Danny and this collaboration resulted in Continuum Pictures tapping him to direct and star in multiple projects that are in the works. P. David Miller has been over heard as saying that he feels very fortunate, gracious and blessed that he has been given the opportunities to work as an actor, special effects, stunts and a director in Hollywood. To him, this path has been a strange, challenging, momentous, eye opening journey and this is where he best belongs professionally and personally.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Malevolence Tony Arzenta 2004 Action, Crime, Drama
Severe Visibility Capt. Magnuson 2007 Drama, History, Mystery
Tracing Cowboys Slimy Cowboy 2008 Drama, Romance
The Objective 2008 Horror, Sci Fi, Thriller
The Shiftling Emmanuel Maxwell 2008 Adventure
Moonlight Sonata Joe 2009 Drama, Thriller
Conspiracy Voice 3 2011 Action, Crime, Drama
After the Wizard Lion 2011 Family, Fantasy
Lesbian Cops Mr. Jones 2011 Crime
Dick Little Al 2012 Comedy
Edward Lee's the Bighead Frank, the bartender 2013 Horror
Mano a Mano Border Patrol Agent Thornton 2013 Drama, Thriller
Taught in Cold Blood Young Cameron's Father 2013 Horror, Thriller
The Gauntlet Commissioner 2013 Action, Adventure, Horror
Cider Springs Slaughter Joe 2013 Horror
Revenge Charles Newton 2013 Thriller
The Two Pamelas Detective Rogers 2013 Mystery, Thriller
Tribunal Vince 2014 Crime, Drama, Mystery