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Film title: P.K. and the Kid
Language: English
Plot: P.K. runs away from home because her step-father keeps on harassing her sexually and her mother is ignoring the problem. She hides in the loading space of Kid Kane's pickup, who's on the way to the world championships in arm-pressing. When he discovers her, he wants to send her home at first, but after he knows the story he takes her with him - and gets himself into big trouble: her step-father is behind them furiously, trying to kidnap her and take revenge for the stress he got from her moth

P.K. and the Kid Series
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P.K. and the Kid Cast & Crew

Paul Le Mat
as Kid Kane
Molly Ringwald
as P.K. Bayette
Alex Rocco
as Les
Charles Hallahan
as Bazooka
John DiSanti
as Benny
Leigh Hamilton
as Louise
John Madden
as Himself
John Matuszak
as Himself
as Dolly
Robert Wentz
as Billy
George Fisher
as Scratch
Gene LeBell
as Big Mac