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Film title: Pactar amb el gat
Language: English
Plot: In a couple, dominates the one that loves less. Julia (Rose Avalon), 17 years old, has a blind in one eye cat and an enormous dependence from his uncle David (Alberto Jim?nez), veterinarian, of the one who is deeply fallen in love. Julia makes what is impossible for remaining the greatest possible time beside his uncle David. But David has one very attractive girlfriend, Sara (Bel?n Fabra). The best friend of Julia is Aparisi (Pau Roca). He's more than a good friend, he loves her in secret. The blind in one eye cat escapes and Julia, beside Aparisi and his uncle David, starts a search through the terrace roofs of the neighborhood that lasts several days.

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Pactar amb el gat Cast & Crew

Pau Roca
as Aparissi
Rose Avalon
as Júlia
Edu Soto
as Detectiu de sorolls
Vicky Peña
as Consuelo
Violeta Llueca
as Alícia
Ma-Anne Valmeo
as China-Filipina 1
Crizelda Naldoza
as China-Filipina 2
Núria Megías
as Núria
Mercè Comes
as Carme
Juan Loriente
as Policia 1
David Berga
as Policia 2
as Jo-Jo