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Film title: Pai mai chun tian
Language: Mandarin
Plot: This story is a description of how modern people search for their happiness and self-worth in Taipei City. In order to make a living, a man and a woman applied for a job as Call Man and Call Girl in the same day coincidentally, and they also sat out with the same taxi in that day. More spontaneously, due to various factors, both of them always fail to get clients which produced a lot of funny accidents. Finally, these pitiful and ridiculous "chicken and duck" have an opportunity to break the shackles on their body toward the well-being reality. The film's unique humor in trying to approach the interpretation of the most true humanity.

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Pai mai chun tian Cast & Crew

Bai Ling
as Zhang Qian
Lene Lai
as Wang Ai-jia
Ru-zhi Xia
as He Niu-niu
Willy Lin
as He Xiao-kang
Bingbing Bai
as Actress
Qiang Kong
as Yao Dafu
Mei-Hsiu Lin
as Lulu
An-bang Pan
as Zhao Gang
Yi-jun Pan
as Undercover WPC
Janel Tsai
as Lesbian
Qian-hui Xie
as Affair housewife
Chuan-Chen Yeh
as Gangster Lady
Guo-cheng Zeng
as Diamond
Zheng-lan Zhang
as Wang's wife