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Film title: Papertrail
Language: English
Plot: Jason Enola is an obsessive FBI agent who is almost losing his mind after ten years on the tail of an elusive serial killer whose hallmark is the "paper trail" of notes left along with the victims. Brad Abraham is the agent buddy who is watching Enola's back. As the film begins, a new wave of killings start after four years of silence, and the psychiatrist Dr. Alyce Robertson becomes involved when she starts receiving telephone calls from the k

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Papertrail Cast & Crew

Chris Penn
as FBI Agent Jason Enola
Jennifer Dale
as Dr. Alyce Robertson
Michael Madsen
as FBI Agent Brad Abraham
Chad McQueen
as William Frost
Terri Hawkes
as Rachel Quinn / Alone
Catherine Blythe
as Gail Morgan
Kenneth McGregor
as Jerry Saracen
Thea Gill
as Eileen Gibbs
Shawn Doyle
as Chuck Switzer
Audrey Lupke
as Molly Darrow
Elizabeth Smith
as Little Girl #1
Amanda-Lynn Smith
as Little Girl #2
Andrea McCabe
as Cynthia Scott
C.J. Fidler
as Rialla Frost
George Carter
as Therapist