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Film title: Paradise Broken
Language: English
Plot: Ray and Misha's one bedroom apartment, only a half-a-mile from Waikiki Beach, feels a world away from the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of Honolulu. As the sun sets and the sightseers retire for the evening, Ray, a small-time drug dealer, and Misha, a hula-dancing prostitute, work the back alleys of Waikiki, trying to scrape a living from tourist crumbs. When the couple splits after a blow out, a regretful Ray searches for a pregnant Misha while she, alone now, must face off against forces that wish to possess her--her abusive father and a kingpin pimp of Waikiki. Can Ray and Misha reunite and rise above the powers that fight to bring them down? Or was their split the only chance they had to survive the brutal world of back alley violence and addiction tucked away from the pristine beaches of Hawaii? Broke is the Hawaii unseen. It's about what goes on in this paradise city after the lights go out.

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Paradise Broken Cast & Crew

Troy Ignacio
as Man#1
Robyn Ishihara
as Guard
Brandon Michael
as Script Supervisor
Patrick O'Sullivan
as Bartender
Matthew Pedersen
as Tourist#1
Paige Shimamoto
as Mama-san
Lance Wheeler
as Restaurant Manager