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Film title: Part of the Game
Language: English
Plot: Robert (25) runs a very successful illegal business, the buying and selling of drugs. In the height of success he learns that his sister Janice (16) becomes hooked on Heroin. Plagued with the ability to maintain his business or help his sister in her most trying time, Robert must choose what is most important in his life. Filled with family rivalry and the quest to do the right thing, Robert may have gotten himself in too deep this time. It's all just Part of the Gam

Part of the Game Series
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Part of the Game Cast & Crew

Richard de Klerk
as Robert Young
Jovanna Huguet
as Janice Young
Colin Lawrence
as Marcus Johnson
Heather Feeney
as Kathleen
Mitra Loraz
as Dr. Caldericci
Mackenzie Gray
as Dale Young
Sam Easton
as Crazy Chris
Marilyn Jones
as Secretary
David Haus
as Drew's Father
Benjamin Easterday
as Drug Dealer
Jon Thiessen
as Rapist