Watch Path to War Online

Watch Path to War Online
Film title: Path to War
Rotten Tomatoes: 73%
Language: Gary Chang
Plot: Director John Frankenheimer's searing and insightful film tells the inside story of how "the best and the brightest" advisors in the Lyndon Johnson (Michael Gambon) administration counseled him in the decisions that led to America's deeper engagement in Vietnam. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara is portrayed by Alec Baldwin and Golden Globe-winning Donald Sutherland plays special advisor Clark Clifford.

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Path to War Cast & Crew

Donald Sutherland
as Clark Clifford
Alec Baldwin
as Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense
Bruce McGill
as George Ball, Undersecretary of State
Felicity Huffman
as Lady Bird Johnson
John Aylward
as Dean Rusk, Secretary of State
Tom Skerritt
as General William Westmoreland
Cliff De Young
as McGeorge Bundy, National Security Advisor