Watch Paths of Glory Online

Watch Paths of Glory Online
Film title: Paths of Glory
Rotten Tomatoes: 95%
Language: English
Plot: Writer-director Stanley Kubrick's powerful anti-war statement stars Kirk Douglas as Col. Dax, the commander of a weary regiment of French army soldiers stationed along the western front during World War I. When French generals order the regiment to carry out what amounts to a suicide mission against heavy German fire, some of the men refuse. But when the army tries three of the soldiers on charges of cowardice, Dax acts as their defense attorney.

Paths of Glory Cast & Crew

Kirk Douglas
as Col. Dax
Ralph Meeker
as Cpl. Philippe Paris
Adolphe Menjou
as Gen. George Broulard
George Macready
as Gen. Paul Mireau
Wayne Morris
as Lt. Roget
Richard Anderson
as Maj. Saint-Auban
Joe Turkel
as Pvt. Pierre Arnaud
Jerry Hausner
as Proprietor of Cafe
Emile Meyer
as Father Dupree
Bert Freed
as Sgt. Boulanger
Kem Dibbs
as Pvt. Lejeune
Timothy Carey
as Pvt. Maurice Ferol