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Film title: Patriot Act
Language: English
Plot: Ronin is a retired member of The Legion, a hit squad responsible for the extinction of the Dropas, an alien race that migrated to Earth centuries before from their dying planet. The Dropas brought with them advances in genetic technology and The Virus. A deadly airborne contagion that spread from the spores of their adaptive cocoons. The Premier of the American Union formed a covert government agency to deal with the outbreak. The Legion's mission was simple, eradicate the Dropa threat - they did. A decade later, Ronin is forced out of retirement to hunt a renegade Dropa intent on killing the remaining members of The Legion. Ronin's investigation leads him to his former comrades and one step closer to finding the Dropa who holds a secret that will shake the foundation of his beliefs, the truth about The Legion, the Dropas and himself. This ambitious, enigmatic and complex story is an epic futuristic film noir thriller with all of its requisite parts - an alienated hero of questionable morality, a seemingly unbeatable foe, a femme fatale and is set against the dark locations of a socialist dystopic America in the year 2038.

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Patriot Act Cast & Crew

James Hong
as Jin
Mayra Leal
as Madison
Jacob Reynolds
as Bartender
Donny Boaz
as Ronin
Jason Douglas
as Mikhail
David Matranga
as Monroe
Yi Tian
as Jackson
Kelly Byrns
as Moon Colonist Wife
Joe Grisaffi
as Diner Couple Husband
Annalee Jefferies
as Dr. Christina Glenka
Wayne Dehart
as Homicide Detective #1
Troy Parker
as Ronin's Father
Shayla Bagir
as Yelena
Kerry Beyer
as Moon Colonist Husband