Watch Patterns of Attraction Online

Watch Patterns of Attraction Online
Film title: Patterns of Attraction
Language: English
Plot: Patterns of Attraction is a Romantic comedy is a story that emphasizes the importance of commitment, true love and breaking old love patterns in order to create new beginnings. Celeste and Shane are writing partners as well as romantic partners. Shane is not ready to settle down and commit to one woman though he and Celeste live together and have been in a relationship for over two years. Both struggle with their personal issues and are constantly learning to accept each other in spite of their faults. Their love of writing is the bond that keeps them together but Shane's many affairs is what's tearing them apart. Celeste finally gets to the point where she is ready for more in the relationship and has given Shane an ultimatum. She learns tough lessons about loving a man who is not ready for the same level of commitment and is faced with making some tough decisions. Shane is always shopping for that perfect woman but through his shopping addiction he realizes that this pattern is destroying him and the way he loves in the process. Shane has taken on patterns of how women have shown him how to love in the past and he is trying to break these patterns and start a new life with Celeste. He must make a decision to either change his patterns or lose Celeste forever. In his effort to understand his patterns, Shane seeks counseling for his issues but is it too late? Is Celeste already fed up and ready to move on? Shane and Celeste's "Patterns Of Attraction" can make or break their relationship and changing these patterns can affects them for the rest of their lives

Patterns of Attraction Cast & Crew

Paula Jai Parker
as Desiree Stewart
Omar Gooding
as Andre Moore
Trae Ireland
as Shane Langston
Andrew Bongiorno
as Farrell Long
Thurston Hill
as Lonnel Cash
Tatiana Mariesa
as Celeste Armstrong
Erica Mathlin
as Margarite Montero
Janae Alt
as Lisa Caldwell
Caryn Ward Ross
as Dr. Flowers