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Film title: Paved with Good Intentions
Language: English
Plot: Travis Balden had it all; high-profile job, gorgeous wife, limitless opportunity. His estranged brother, Rick, in contrast, earns a modest living as a repo man and generally lives life solo. After a corporate scandal provokes Travis to commit a murder/suicide, Rick noses around to prove to his family that Travis wasn't the golden boy they always thought. Ultimately, he must decide whether his own judgment is clouded to uncover why Travis went over the edge, as the brothers' interwoven stories merge at the truth.

Paved with Good Intentions Series
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Paved with Good Intentions Cast & Crew

Sharif Atkins
as Rick Balden
J. August Richards
as Travis Balden
Ron Canada
as Garrett Balden
Jay Acovone
as John Barrhauser
Chrystee Pharris
as Nina Balden
Kimberly Arland
as Taylor Balden
Taneka Johnson
as Danielle
Robert Pine
as Brad Ridgmont
Colleen McGrann
as Janice Walters
Jordan Murphy
as Michael Clarke
Art Aroustamian
as Client
Ric Barbera
as Steve Abrams
Kikey Castillo
as Waitress