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Film title: Peacemaker
Language: English
Plot: Two aliens arrive on Earth trying to kill each other. This is not easy, since they seem to be able to regenerate lost body parts and survive bullet wounds. Both of them happen to meet a young pathologist Dori Caisson, and each alien tells her that he is a peacemaker (an intergalactic cop) and that the other one is a bad guy. Whom can she trust ?

Peacemaker Series
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Peacemaker Cast & Crew

Robert Forster
as Yates
Lance Edwards
as Townshend
Hilary Shepard
as Dori Caisson
Robert Davi
as Sergeant Ramos
Bert Remsen
as Doc
John Denos
as Detective Rieger
Wally Taylor
as Moses
Kyra Stempel
as Girl at Beach
Garth Le Master
as Boy at Beach
Rob Zapple
as Swat Commander
Neil Summers
as Milk Man
Robby Robinson
as Junkie #1
Sharon Schaffer
as Junkie #2
Irving E. Lewis
as Junkie #3
Clyde Talley II
as Patrolman