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Film title: Perfect Alibi
Language: English
Plot: Melanie is married to Keith Bauers, she has two beautiful children and she is rich. She decides to engage a girl au pair, Janine, who arrives from France. Everything seems to run perfectly. Janine looks shy and timid and well disposed towards the family. But casually Paula, Melanies's sister, finds out that Janine and Keith are lovers and afterwards she dies in an accident.

Perfect Alibi Series
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Perfect Alibi Cast & Crew

Teri Garr
as Laney Tolbert
Hector Elizondo
as Det. Ryker
Alex McArthur
as Keith Bauers
Lydie Denier
as Janine
Kathleen Quinlan
as Melanie Bauers
Charles Martin Smith
as Franklin Dupard
Anne Ramsay
as Paula Simpson
Gedde Watanabe
as Det. Onoda
Bruce McGill
as Det. Spivak
Rex Linn
as Bartender
Estelle Harris
as Aunt Dorothy
Robert Rockwell
as Jonah Kringle
Patrick Thomas
as Coroner
Max Ornstein
as Jeremy Bauers