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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Kill Point Teddy Sabian 2007 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Everybody Wins 1990 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Days of Thunder 1990 Action, Drama, Romance
Regarding Henry 1991 Drama
Mr. Wonderful 1993 0
Trip nach Tunis Mark 1993 Crime
Léon: The Professional Malky 1994 Game Show, Comedy
The Jerky Boys Sonny 1995 Comedy, Crime
Man of the House Tony, Renda Goon 1995 Comedy
Extreme Measures 1996 Crime, Drama, Mystery
Side Streets 1998
Above Freezing Al Bergdahl 1998 Drama
Six Ways To Sunday 1999 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Jump Dominick 1999 Comedy
Judy Berlin Mr. V 1999 Comedy, Drama
Get Well Soon Angry 2002 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tadpole 2002 Comedy, Drama, Romance
God Has a Rap Sheet 2003
Manhunt 2003 Adventure, Crime
Road Bill the truck driver 2005
Bottleworld Jim 2010 Comedy