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Birthday: 1994-06-12
Place of Birth: Dondo,Sofala, Mozambique
Wiki Biography: He's known internationally. As a Producer, he has produced many feature films,and Video Games. These includes the Civilazation V,Strike Back 3, The Children's Republic,The Child,Alex Miller:The Silent Killer,Alex Miller: The Alpha-2014, The Child Soldier-2013,Nico, The Killer, and shorts: The Cancer,aunt Fatima and Nico: The Kid.Penasbugo, is in the business for 7 years and has worked with many notable celebrities,these includes: The award winning Actor, William Sheppard who has worked with: the Oscar nominated actor,Eric Roberts,-Batman:the dark night rises (2008),Expendables(2010).Worked in the 3 times Oscar nominated movie, Transformers-2007 with director, Michael Bay, Actors: Shia Labeouf,Mega Fox,Josh Duhammel and Tyrese Gibson. In addition,Peter P. Gudo has worked with the 4 times prime time award winner,Hollywood Legend, Danny Glover,who has appeared in many movies with Hollywood stars such as: Mel Gibson, Sean Astin,Danny Trejo-Bab Asses,Mark wahlberg and more.Also,Peter collaborated with The African most respected Producer,Lance Samuels,to co-Produce the Strike Back Movie in 2012 for SONY Pictures/HBO/Left Bank Pictures.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Children of South Africa Negrito 2008 Adventure, Drama
Nico John 2011 Drama, Thriller
The Children's Republic Tigre 2013
The Child Soldier Oketcho 2014 Drama
Alex Miller: The Alpha Alex Miller 2015 Action