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Film title: Petites coupures
Language: French
Plot: PETITES COUPURES tells the story of Bruno (Daniel Auteuil), a communist newspaper journalist suffering a mid-life crisis. Torn between his wife Gaëlle ('Emmanuel Devos' ) and his young girlfriend Nathalie (Ludivine Sagnier), his political beliefs battered by the wind of history, Bruno seems to have lost his bearings. After responding to a call for help from his uncle (Jean Yanne), who is fighting a losing battle for re-election as the communist mayor of a small town near Grenoble, Bruno gets lost in a dark forest. There he meets Béatrice (Kristin Scott Thomas), who does nothing to stop him getting even more l

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Petites coupures Cast & Crew

Kristin Scott Thomas
as Béatrice
Daniel Auteuil
as Bruno
Ludivine Sagnier
as Nathalie
Jean Yanne
as Gérard, l'oncle de Bruno
Hanns Zischler
as Verekher
Emmanuelle Devos
as Gaëlle