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Film title: Phase IV
Language: English
Plot: Journalism student Simon Tate thinks it's strange when four students at the university suddenly die in "unrelated" accidents. When his friend, Dr. Benjamin Roanic, becomes the prime suspect and is suddenly murdered, Simon sets out to prove his innocence. He soon discovers the students were Roanic's test subjects in a secret drug test program, and had been cured of AIDS. He is forced to run for his life, when a pharmaceutical company tries to prevent him from revealing the truth behind "Phase IV".

Phase IV  Series
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Phase IV Cast & Crew

Dean Cain
as Simon Tate
Brian Bosworth
as Detective Steven Birnam
Mimi Kuzyk
as Diana Holt
Heather Mathieson
as Carla Tate
Richard Donat
as Karl Dean
Nigel Bennett
as Sen. Richard Karnes
Stephen Coats
as Dr. Ben Roanic
Chuck Campbell
as Nathan
Bryan Thomas
as James
Arthur Spray
as Chuck
Geoff Herod
as Jonathan
Glen Grant
as Doug
Trevor Probert
as Scotty
Hannah Sampson
as Kaitlyn Tate