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Film title: Polar Opposites
Language: English
Plot: When Earth's magnetic poles begin reversing, David Terran, the only scientist who predited the possibility of such a sci-fi disaster, must join forces with his estranged friend and lover to save the world. Though his writings found mass readership, scientists scoffed at his theories. But when an Iranian underground nuclear test sets off a global phenomenon that matches David's doomsday scenario, he must attempt to find a solution in order to avoid a catastrophic event of global proportions. -dpeavyScientist David Terran has written bestsellers about the dangers of Earth's magnetic fields, but his unconventional theories have made him a joke amongst his colleagues. Even his best friend, Martin Ward, refuses to take David's scientific ideas seriously. Denied the respect he deserves, David gives up on his career and retreats to a remote cabin to live out his days alone with his father. Meanwhile, halfway across the globe, the Iranian government has begun a series of rogue nuclear tests which unexpectedly sets into motion a series of dangerous events. A sudden spike in solar radiation and devastating earthquakes threatens to destroy all life on the planet. Desperate to do something, the US government calls on David for help. But the only way he can succeed is with the help of the friend who didn't believe in him. Now David and Martin must pull together to rebuild their friendship and save the world from total destruction. [D-Man2010]

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Polar Opposites Cast & Crew

Tracy Nelson
as Jenna
Ken Barnett
as Martin
Beth Grant
as General Railen
Kieren Hutchison
as Dr Bradley
Jackie Geary
as Kimi
Lee Arenberg
as McNeil
Ian Patrick Williams
as FBI Director Thompson
Ryan Caltagirone
as Bomber Pilot
James Di Giacomo
as Helicopter Pilot
David Kiiskinen
as Marine #3
Alex Lorre
as Iranian Man