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Film title: Predicament
Language: English
Plot: Naïve teenager Cedric Williamson, conspires with two misfits to photograph and blackmail adulterous couples. When the scam goes wrong they end up with blood on their hands. Tortured by lust, roped into blackmail and possibly an accessory to murder, Cedric is in a predicament.

Predicament Series
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Predicament Cast & Crew

Heath Franklin
as Mervyn Toebeck
Hayden Frost
as Cedric Williamson
Tim Finn
as Martin Williamson
Rose McIver
as Maybelle
Edward Newborn
as Detective Huggins
David Van Horn
as Officer Dawson
Chad Mills
as Blair Bramwell
Brooke Williams
as Margot Bramwell
Peter Mochrie
as Vernon Bramwell
Carmel McGlone
as Rita Zombroni
Hadleigh Walker
as Ernie Fox
James Fletcher
as Winker Sanderson
Tina Grenville-Cagwin
as Granny Williamson
Dennis Hally
as Constable #1