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Film title: Pride and Prejudice
Language: English
Plot: Elizabeth Bennet is a hard-working, intelligent college student who won't even think about marriage until she graduates. But when she meets Jack Wickham, a good-looking playboy, and Darcy, a sensible businessman, Elizabeth's determination is put to the test. Will she see through their exteriors and discover their true intentions? Based on Jane Austen's timeless tale Pride and Prejudice, Bestboy Pictures presents a comedy about love, life and feminine persuasion.

Pride and Prejudice  Series
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Pride and Prejudice Cast & Crew

Kam Heskin
as Elizabeth Bennet
Orlando Seale
as Will Darcy
Benjamin Gourley
as Charles Bingley
Lucila Solá
as Jane Vasquez
Henry Maguire
as Jack Wickam
Kelly Stables
as Lydia Meryton
Amber Hamilton
as Kitty Meryton
Rainy Kerwin
as Mary Lamblen
Kara Holden
as Caroline Bingley
Hubbel Palmer
as William Collins
Carmen Rasmusen
as Charlotte Lucas
Daniel Shanthakumar
as Bombay House Waiter
Ken Norris
as Mr. Gardiner