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Film title: Prism
Language: English
Plot: The police drama Prism, based on the book Color of the Prism, reflects a blending of fact and fiction into a journey of intrigue, love, betrayal, greed and tragedy in this most exciting of police stories set on the Arizona-Mexico border. Detective Antonio Castenada, backed by a crack team of federal and state law enforcement officials and the latest surveillance technology, attempts to bring down Reynaldo Guzman, a prominent businessman and drug kingpin. In masterminding the assassination of a treacherous business associate and his entire family, Guzman alienates his long-time mistress, Sara, who agrees to bring Castenada undercover into Guzman's legitimate produce and seafood import business. The suspense is increased as Antonio is torn between his love for Margo, a crime analyst; his compassionate feeling for Sara; his loathing of Mary Elizabeth, Guzman's accountant, whose lust for him will stop at nothing.

Prism Series
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Prism Cast & Crew

James Franco
as Tony Castenada
Michael Shannon
as Detective Rooney
Joaquin Phoenix
as Guzman
Estella Warren
as Margo
Robert Wagner
as Chief Briggs
Christopher Atkins
as Detective Dover
Robert Davi
as Sexto
Ken Davitian
as Captain Martinez
Tony Tarantino
as Alex Albright