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Film title: Profile
Language: English
Plot: Jena Anderson is a typical young woman who just happens to have a suspected terrorist for a fiancé. When a nameless government agency grabs her and interrogates her to find out what she knows, we see all of the methods that that are allowed by the Geneva Convention and are used on prisoners who are suspected of terrorist acts. When one of the agents crosses the line, the investigation is shut down as quickly as it began and Jena is set free. The ending of this "day in the life" story takes you by surprise and promises to make you question what you believe to be the truth.

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Profile Cast & Crew

Bill Buell
as Cole Newton
Amber Kelly
as Jena Anderson
Aaron Lathrop
as Daniel Manning
Sheryl Moller
as Cecilia Waite
Elijah Manning
as Lucas - Man in Car
Elle Hartman
as Mom in Lobby
Jack Hartman
as Young Boy
Zoe Hartman
as Young Girl