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Film title: Proximity
Language: English
Plot: Professor William Conroy, otherwise a model citizen, serves jail time for a car accident which proved fatal for his lover and student. In prison, he hears 'too much' about the murder of fellow inmate Evan, whose assertions he ignored that the deaths in their penitentiary multiplied suspiciously. Dirty jailer, Price, accidentally messes up the warden's instructions to get Conroy murdered by ruthless killer Lawrence during a transport. Conroy has some trouble convincing even his lawyer Eric Hawthorne he's the target of a manhunt. They and investigative reporter David Dart discover the dirty part played by Jim Corcoran's rich and influential 'Justice for victim families' vigilante society.

Proximity Series
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Proximity Cast & Crew

Rob Lowe
as William Conroy
Jonathan Banks
as Price
Kelly Rowan
as Anne Conroy
Joe Santos
as Clive Plummer
Mark Boone Junior
as Eric Hawthorne
David Flynn
as Lawrence
James Coburn
as Jim Corcoran
Scott Plate
as David Dart
Patrick E. Mahoney Jr.
as Stephen Conroy
Jack Sender
as Glaser
Anthony McKay
as Richard Sherwood
Robert Ellis
as Guard Pattison
Kimberly A. Osborne
as Leah Gibson